Music Playhouse

by Julie



Last week, my friend, Ashley and I attended an evening class at the Music Playhouse. This business is conveniently located right next to Explore and Much More. So, if you want to be mother-of-the-year, you can take your kids to a music lesson followed by playtime at Explore and Much More. I was given a free trial of the class, but of course had to pay $1, because once again I remembered socks for Will, but not for myself. I hope you are seeing a pattern here: 1) All of these activity centers require socks, and 2) I’m overly prepared for Will, but can’t remember simple things for myself.

Anyway, I think we were both pleasantly surprised at how engaged the boys were in the lesson. Julie, the owner of the company, was also the teacher of our class. Her lovely voice and sweet demeanor made the little guys smile. She paid attention to each and every child in the class, and made them feel special. At the beginning of class, the kids were given time to play with a large drum and run around the room. During class, the teacher used a variety of instruments and played some really fun, interactive songs. I was ready to buy a 10 week pass by the end of class, but then remembered that there are so many others places I want to try first.

Location: 3829 N. Southport Avenue

Hours: Monday Friday: 9:00-5:00

Parking: Metered parking on Southport

Price Range: $$$

***** Love it

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