I Never Knew this Existed…

by Julie

1. Flat Head Syndrome-Obviously this was news to me and my family. When we first started to notice the flat spot on Will’s head everyone laughed it off. “You’re just being crazy,” they’d say to me. Well two months later, Will is sporting his bright blue helmet.

2. Tourniquet Toe-I learned about tourniquet toe at a mommy group. The mother explained that a hair was wrapped around her child’s toe, and the toe began to turn purple. Luckily, the hair was removed, and all is well. I’ve concluded that the excessive shedding that women experience after pregnancy must be the cause for tourniquet toe.

3. Tongue Tied-I’ve learned that tongue-tied is not just an idiom, it’s also a condition involving the skin underneath a baby’s tongue. This condition is very rare, but if it is not corrected it can affect breastfeeding and other areas down the road.

4. Cradle Cap-They might as well call it dandruff for babies because that is exactly what it looks like. I swear we have tried everything to get rid of it. I have literally washed his hair with olive oil 5 times, but to no avail. “Just leave it alone,” I have to tell myself.

5. Explosive Poops-Yes, I know it’s gross. Luckily, when it’s your own child, it’s kind of funny. The first time this happened I froze. What should my first move be-back, butt, neck, or changing table? It’s very overwhelming.