Babysitting Swap

by Julie

When Will was 3 1/2 months old, my husband and I had a wedding to attend, but we couldn’t find a babysitter. Desperately, I called a friend and asked if she would watch Will for the night. “Please let us know when we can return the favor,” I told her. Well, two months later, that day has finally arrived…

My friend watching Will when he was 3 1/2 months old.

My friend watching Will when he was 3 1/2 months old.

My friend’s nanny had a baby, so she has been in a bind. I volunteered to watch her son, Jack, for two days. Day 1 was long, but everything ran smoothly.

Me with the boys6

Day 1: Playing before our morning nap

Will is thoroughly entertained by Jack

Will was thoroughly entertained by Jack

Day 2, I was determined to get out of the house more. We took a long walk before their morning nap-Jack in the stroller, and Will in the baby Bjorn. After their morning nap, we walked up to Explore and Much More on Southport. Check out my review of the kid center under “Play”. Moral of the story: Stay Busy. Day 2 was much more fun because we spent more time exploring the neighborhood. Have you ever done a babysitting swap? How did it go?

Will and Jack at Explore and So Much More

Will and Jack at Explore and Much More