5 Things They don’t Tell You about Helmets for Babies

by Julie

decorated helmet for flat-head syndrome

1. They smell. After about two weeks, the helmet started to take on a life of its own. It’s hard to pinpoint the smell, a hockey helmet? a cast? shinguards? Basically, it smells like any item you wear for an extended period of time, while sweating.

2. Watch out, they hurt. I’ve been slammed in the nose, the forehead, the shoulder, and the chin. It doesn’t seem to bother Will, but it sure hurts me.

3. It’s hard to cuddle. This one is probably the hardest to accept. It’s hard to cozy up to a plastic case covering 75% of your child’s head. Therefore, you have to relish in that one hour break they get a day.

4. They’re hot. No matter how light we dress Will, or how many fans we have circulating in our house, his head is always sweaty when we remove the helmet. Lucky for us, the seasons are changing, and those 90 degree days are behind us.

5. About 50% of the people you bump into won’t know what it’s for. At the nail salon, the manicurist told me to take it off because he was hot. I think she thought it was like a baseball hat. I’ve had other people ask me if he has seizures or needs the helmet to protect his head. Guess who usually knows what it’s for? That’s right…Mommies!