Fit4Moms-Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre

by Julie

 The moment the doctor gave me the “ok,” I was ready to get back on the fitness wagon. Stroller Strides was the first class I discovered. It is a cardiovascular  class, which involves a short burst of muscle definition. The instructors rapidly move through each plyometric type exercise as you explore North Pond, the strand along Lake Michigan,  and Diversey Harbor.  As a north side resident, I have mainly attended Amy’s classes at Diversey. Amy is a model of fitness, and her cheerful demeanor keeps the babies smiling. She incorporates singing into the exercises, which always entertains Will. It was through this class, that I met some great girls, and we decided to start our own playgroup.

Location: Diversey Harbor, Caldwell Woods, And Montrose Athletic Field

Hours: Monday- Friday at 9:30  and 11:00

Parking: Street or metered at the Diversey Driving Range

Price Range: $$$

***** Love it

Stroller Strides near North Pond, Chicago

Stroller Barre at the Windy City Field House

Stroller Barre is a personal favorite taught by Stacey. This class uses small, repetitive movements to tone muscles. Besides the running aspect, the pace of class is much slower than Stroller Strides. Each Pilates type exercise is focused on control, and Stacy incorporates the band and ball into each class. This class is always a much smaller group of women, which I enjoy. In fact, one day it was just Stacy, the instructor, and I. She gave me my own little personal training session. Both Stacey and Amy help to foster friendships among the moms through introductions and icebreaker questions. Both classes also keep the strollers on the move, which keeps the little ones happy.

Location: Diversey Harbor

Hours: Tuesday and Thursday at 11:00

Parking: Street or metered at the Diversey Driving Range

Price range: $$$

***** Love it

A Stroller Barre picture on the strand near Lake Michigan.