Active Moms Club-Biceps, Babies, and Buggies

by Julie

Biceps, Babies, and Buggies is a workout class in Oz Park that focuses on toning the core through lunges, squats, planks, and balancing exercises. The majority of exercises are done on a large concrete square near the tennis courts. The strollers remain stationary for a lot of the class, which was difficult for Will-he likes to be on the move. Don’t make the same mistake as me, and wait a month before purchasing the required band and small weights needed for this class.  I recommend Megan’s class because she leads the exercises with confidence, and pushes you to complete multiple reps. The owner, Cassandra does a nice job of brining in local businesses who provide free picnics for the mothers after class. These picnics were a great way to meet new moms.

Location: Oz park in Lincoln Park

Hours: Monday-Thursday at 9:30  and 11:00

Parking: Street

Price Range: $$$

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"Biceps, Babies and Buggies" playgroup

“Biceps, Babies and Buggies” playgroup