Explore and Much More

by Julie

Explore and Much More on Southport

I’ve walked past this play place hundreds of times and never gave it any thought, until now. Will is still too young to enjoy this facility, but this was just what I needed during my babysitting swap last week. I was watching my friend’s 10 month old son, who is crawling and pulling himself up onto furniture and other objects. We did not attend any classes, but instead paid $12 to enjoy the open play. I was really good about remembering socks for the boys, but of course, forgot them for myself. I paid $0.50 cents for a used, yet washed pair of sock versus the new ones for a $1.00. My husband would’ve been proud.

We split our time between the top and bottom floor, and Jack, the ten month old loved exploring both sections. I curiously asked the woman at the front desk, who also teaches classes at Explore and Much More, how often they clean the toys. She said the facility and toys are cleaned daily, and the cloth toys are thrown in the washing machine a few times  a week. Our ticket was good until 5, which will be perfect for those long winter days that are on the horizon.

Location: 3827 N. Southport Avenue

Hours: Monday Friday: 9:00-5:00

Parking: Metered parking on Southport

Price Range: $$$

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Explore and Much More 1st floor play area

Upstairs level at Explore and Much More

Downstairs level at Explore and Much More

 Bottom floor at Explore and Much More